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The Retrocomputing heart of the Midlands is Leicester!


Did you know that one of the meccas for British retrocomputing fans is in Leicester, England?

The Retro Computer Museum, which opened its new HQ in March 2013 at the Troon Way Business Centre off Humberstone Lane, is a registered charity dedicated to the benefit of the public for the preservation, display and public experience of computer and console systems from the 1960s onwards.

RCM Weekender, May 2011 – courtesy Retro Computer Museum

The museum’s main focus is on systems that were in use in the home, rather than big computer systems and mainframes of early computer development. They have systems ranging from the early Pong consoles through the Sega and Nintendo console wars and the home computers of the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64s and Amigas.  From the famous to the obscure, the rooms at the museum are packed solid with fascinating bygone gadgets, and software from floor to ceiling!

The guys from the Retro Computer Museum at Revival 2014 with their virtual reality machines behind (pic: Stuart Williams)

And this museum and its enthusiastic volunteers certainly punch above their weight when it comes to retro events, having made important contributions to the content of Revival 2014 at Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton, and Silicon Dreams at Snibston Discovery Museum, as well as Spectrum @ 30 (at Anglia Ruskin University) and their own series of RCM Gaming Events, for example.

The Retro Computer Museum has also made appearances at the 2010 Vintage Computer Festival in Bletchley Park, participating in the 2010 EuroCon event in Manchester with a line-up of British computers, Superbyte 2013 (chiptune event in Manchester), Kitacon 2014 and many more.

2010 RCM Gaming Event at Swannington – picture courtesy Retro Computer Museum

The Retro Computer Museum aims to provide Retro Gaming and Computing events and access to retro computer equipment for educational visits and tours.

A tiny fraction of the collections at Leicester – picture courtesy the Retro Computer Museum

Donations welcome

The Retro Computer Museum relies mainly on donations from its members and visitors. We have had over 200 systems donated as part of our collection, along with numerous books, software titles, peripherals, magazines, brochures, etc.

They appreciate any and all donations, no matter how small. The museum even accepts dead machines and peripherals as these can be used to repair existing systems. Please contact them direct if you feel you have something they may be interested in.

Opening hours

The Retro Computer Museum is 100% staffed by volunteers so there are limited opening hours and as such it can can only accept visitors by appointment – Our normal opening times are Sunday 11AM to 5PM please book in advance.

Dates and opening times for the next few months are as follows:

24 August – 11am-5pm
31 August – 11am-5pm
7 September – 11am-5pm
14 September – CLOSED
21 September – 11am-5pm
28 September – CLOSED
5 October – 11am-5pm
12 October – CLOSED
19 October – 11am-5pm
26 October – 11am-5pm
2 November – 11am-5pm

Contact the museum

Retro Computer Museum
Unit S1
Troon Way Business Centre
Humberstone Lane

Tel: 07519 816283

Website: Retro Computer Museum


Heads up

Retrocomputing News is planning to visit the Retro Computer Museum later this year in order to publish a detailed feature about them in these pages – watch this space!