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One of the UK’s top computer museums, especially for fans of retrocomputing, is the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, England.

They regularly participate in and run retro gaming and educational events but for the next few weeks their internal events focus is on things which are mostly a little more up-to-date!

Sonic Pi Workshop

This coming Wednesday 27 August, for example, sees a Sonic Pi Workshop running at the Centre, offering those attending the session the chance to explore the open source programming environment Sonic Pi, which is designed to explore and teach programming concepts on the inexpensive British Raspberry Pi computer through the process of creating new sounds. Sounds like fun!

Full details:  Sonic Pi Workshop

The Art of Intelligence Analysis with IBM

An exciting challenge will be set in the following workshop at the Centre, on Monday 1 September, from 11am-2.30pm, when simulating a real-life investigation, participants are cast in the role of Intelligence Analysts and, using the award-winning IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook combined with their own brainpower, are asked to solve a fraud case!

Full details:  The Art of Intelligence Analysis with IBM

Random AKA Mega Ran – Live Music

The evening of Saturday 6 September from 7pm till late sees the Centre come alive with the sound of… rap and indie music, with a triple bill headed up by Random (aka Mega Ran), all the way from the USA, supported by Retro indie geeks the British IBM and ‘white-boy electro-rapper’ MC iPod! So if you want to clear out your ears of all those beeps and buzzes coming from your Speccy with some real music, this looks like your chance for a good geeks night out!

Full details: Random AKA Mega Ran – Live Music

Peterborough Retro Video Game Night

Last but not least, the Centre  will be back on the road after their mega contribution to Revival 2014, with the Peterborough Retro Video Game Night on Saturday 20 September 7pm-11pm.  They’ll be helping to run the event featuring games and consoles from the past, and refreshments will be available to buy too!

Full details: Peterborough Retro Video Game Night

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Further information

The Centre opens regularly from 10am-5pm.  For more info including location and much more, check out the Centre website:

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