Entrance to the Centre (Pic: Centre for Computing History)

Still time to donate to Project Odyssey

Curator Jason Fitzpatrick, left, with Simon Galbraith of Redgate Software (pic: Centre for Computing History)
Curator Jason Fitzpatrick, left, with Simon Galbraith of Redgate Software (pic: Centre for Computing History)

One of the UK’s top computer museums has almost reached the destination of its latest fundraising effort – but you can still contribute if you donate by 10 April 2015!

Following presentations from the museum’s trustees and the launch of the new fundraising campaign – Odyssey – by museum patron Dr Hermann Hauser on 10 March by the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, England, Simon Galbraith, CEO of Redgate Software (pictured above), threw down “a symbolic gauntlet” – and the response so far has been, according to the museum, “wonderful”.

Back in March the invited audience held their breath as Simon issued the challenge: “Redgate Software will match every pound donated to this appeal, up to £100,000, in the next 30 days.”

What’s the campaign all about? Well, the Centre is hoping to raise £110,000 to complete the refurbishment of its main gallery and create a new core exhibition – Tech Odyssey: a learning adventure – which will chart the global impact of the computing revolution.

Curator, Jason Fitzpatrick, explains: “In its present condition this building fails to do justice to the richness and variety of our collection. Although visitors can see, touch and use many of the ‘superstar’ machines of the 70s, 80s and 90s, we lack the funds needed to create an exhibition that charts how each of these computers represents a step towards the small, powerful, multi-purpose devices most of us use today.

(pic: Centre for Computing History)
(pic: Centre for Computing History)

“Refurbishment of the gallery and creation of a new exhibition, Odyssey, will help us tell the inspirational and epic story of the computing revolution to anyone – young and old, techie and non-geek alike.

“We are hugely grateful to Simon Galbraith for this very generous commitment. Redgate Software has presented us with a wonderful opportunity; it’s also a big, big challenge. We are very conscious that the clock is ticking…”

(video: Centre for Computing History)

Since opening its doors in Cambridge at the end of 2013, the Centre has attracted over 5,000 children. On average, it is visited by one school a week and that number is growing.

And since the Odyssey campaign was launched, personal and corporate donations to the value of £75,000 have been received, from many individuals and companies like RealVNCMicrosoft ResearchMills and Reeve SolicitorsPico TechARM and educational bodies such as Cambridge Assessment and The Computer Laboratory of University of Cambridge.

Jason Fitzpatrick talks to a visitor (pic: Centre for Computing History)
Jason Fitzpatrick talks to a visitor (pic: Centre for Computing History)

Museum Curator Jason Fitzpatrick said “We are deeply grateful to all those who have contributed to this appeal so far, making it a truly inspirational Cambridge community effort.

“We really hope you will join our benefactors and enable us to fulfill Redgate’s challenge to raise £100,000 by 10th April. With your help the transformation of our main gallery and creation of Tech Odyssey could be completed by the end of this year.

Please be assured that any amount you feel able to donate will make an immediate and significant impact. If you donate before April 10th your contribution will be doubled through the generosity of Redgate Software.”

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If you are interested in also supporting the Centre, or would like further information, please contact: elaine@computinghistory.org.uk or call 01223 214446.

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For more about the Centre for Computing History, check out their website: www.ComputingHistory.org.uk