Booting Up

Booting up…

Booting Up

As part of our ongoing reboot following the hiatus late last year, today we are changing the name of this magazine slightly – from the mouthful that was Retrocomputing News to the more byte-size Retro Computing News.  This might not seem much difference, but it allows us to work in in a slight change of emphasis while making the title a little easier to read.

The site’s masthead has been tweaked slightly to reflect a broadening of coverage which has become pretty much essential to enable us to increase the flow of news from now on, and to reflect topics of broader interest to retro and other computer enthusiasts.   This will also be seen in our Twitter and Facebook output.

Moving forward, we’re aiming to cover old-school home computing and collecting, computing history, retro gaming (now including classic consoles),  and more broadly, computer languages, programming (coding!), classic software and abandonware, emulation hardware and software (especially the popular Raspberry Pi, direct descendant of and spiritual heir to the BBC Micro), literary/tv/movie science fiction, events – and of course one of our top priorities, supporting computer museums in the UK and beyond.

RCN Header Revised

As our new subheading says – ‘computer history, gaming and computing today’!

Your input is welcomed – please send press releases, general info and photos or links to relevant events, museums and information via – if you’ve got something happening or know someone who has, we’re here to help you get the word out.  You’re also welcome to give your events and activities a plug on our NEW Facebook page – and tweet us your links and snippets too.

We tweet, retweet and share on Facebook anything interesting that comes our way through those channels as well as posts published here, so you’ll find a lot on there which we don’t have time to cover on this site.

You can help us in return – by sharing our URL or this post, retweeting us or sharing our Facebook page.  The more people who know about Retro Computing News, the more useful this magazine is for everyone.

Watch this space for more in the coming weeks and months – and please do follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook – we’d love to see you there!

Stuart Williams

Editor & Publisher