Legendary Oliver Twins to appear at Play Blackpool

Philip and Andrew Oliver with games old and new, Dizzy and SkySaga (Pic: The Oliver Twins/Radiant Worlds)
Philip and Andrew Oliver with games old and new, Dizzy and SkySaga (Pic: The Oliver Twins/Radiant Worlds)

Great news for anyone heading for the PLAY arcade, indie and retro gaming show at Blackpool next month is that they’ll get the chance to hear and meet that dynamic duo of retro and modern gaming, legendary British programmers and businessmen the Oliver Twins.

Not only is Andrew Oliver going to be on hand to talk about the forthcoming game SkySaga from the twins’ own current company, Radiant Worlds, but the latest news is that he will now be joined by his brother Philip.

The popular and wide-ranging event features the first public UK preview of SkySaga, which looks to be a hit in the making, but most importantly for retro fans is that Andrew and Philip will be giving two talks on the Saturday at 1pm and 3pm, the first being a nostalgic glance back at their past games and their remarkable life programming in their bedrooms in the 1980s!

The second, bringing their long and successful careers into perspective, will focus on their important new project, SkySaga: Infinite Isles (definitely not a bedroom job!), and some of the production team from Radiant Worlds will be there, offering show attendees the chance to play the game in the exhibition hall itself.

Andrew and Philip became British gaming legends as ‘The Oliver Twins’ in the 1980s when they developed, amongst other hugely popular series, the equally legendary (and still very popular amongst retro gamers)  Dizzy adventures and the Simulator games, which were published by Codemasters.

PLAY Blackpool

Retro fans and new gamers alike will also have the chance to get their collectables signed by the twins – reason enough to beat a path to the Norbreck Castle Exhibition Centre for what looks set to be another great PLAY expo.

So don’t forget to bring your Dizzy games and other items for the Oliver Twins to autograph!

The Oliver Twins said:

“We’re very much looking forward to Play Expo in Blackpool in May where we’ll be reminiscing about the 80s and making classic games like the Dizzy series and many other best sellers for Amstrads, Spectrums and other 8 bit computers.

“Since then we’ve been leading teams making games for virtually every gaming platform and we’re particularly proud of our latest game, SkySaga.

“We look forward to presenting this game and giving people the opportunity play SkySaga in the expo area. We hope to be around most of the time to chat to people about the games industry.”

For more information on PLAY Blackpool, check out the official event website: http://www.playblackpool.com/

For the latest from Radiant Worlds, see: http://www.radiantworlds.com/ and from The Oliver Twins themselves on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOliverTwins