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Going retro down in Wolvo – again!

Becky and Craig Turner get retro

Thanks to a public-spirited couple who just happen to be arcade games fanatics, youngsters and families in Wolverhampton had the chance to play in the past like there was no tomorrow on Saturday last. Craig and Becky Turner, of Turnarcades and Revival Retro events fame, had managed to materialise a mad medley of sci-fi shoot-em-ups and chop-sockey champions at the Corpus Christi Church Social Club, all in aid of the local under-8’s football team, Ashmore Park Rangers FC.

Classic console meets modern hi-tech with the Super Everdrive for Super Nintendo

And throughout the afternoon the sound of lasers blasting, kung-fu fighting and Simpsons skateboarding mixed with the rest of the community hubbub coming from the bouncy castle, sponge-throwing, penalty shoot-outs and disco dancing – and much more – to add a colourful soundtrack to what otherwise might have been a grey day on Ashmore Park estate!

Youngsters go old-skool gaming under the watchful eye of Craig Turner

RCN Editor, Stuart Williams, took the opportunity to beat a path from Bloxwich across the borders into Wolverhampton to have a long and interesting chat with Craig and Becky, and he was impressed, but not surprised, to see how much fun the youngsters were having with the mix of classic consoles and arcade cabs  laid on to aid the footie fundraising.

Your reporter goofing off with Gorf

In fact, Stuart – who missed out on most of the consoles due to being a computer geek in his twenties rather than a console fan, at least up until the PS3 – learned a thing or two, particularly how rusty he was with a joystick! Not to be down-hearted, however, he still managed to summon up the spirit of a mis-spent youth to give the evil aliens cascading down the Gorf cab screen “a darned good thrashing”. Apart from the fun being had by all, one of the most important things which RCN discovered as a result of Stuart’s crash-landing in Ashmore Park was, our readers will no doubt be excited to learn, the date and location of the next  Revival retro arcade, pinball and retro computer show, which has been bubbling under since last August, when Craig and his then co-organiser Chris Wilkins (of Retro Fusion magazine) got a team of enthusiasts together to organise the massive show at Dunstall Park Racecourse.

A friendly greeting for Retro Computing News readers from the Turners

Circumstances have changed a little since then, however, and this year’s event is going to be somewhat smaller for organisational and other reasons – and in Cannock rather than Wolverhampton. Smaller indeed, but beautifully marked, the next Revival is now all set to take place at the Brookfields Riding School, on Cannock Road, Shareshill, WV10 7LZ.  As before, it will be over two days, but this time in the late autumn rather than summer, on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 November 2015. We’ll have more info hot off the press about this event as soon as it becomes available, so watch this space! Retro Computing News will be there – will you?

All pix by Stuart WIlliams, RCN