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I thought that now would be a good time to circulate some updated information on what we’re about at Retro Computing News, as we continue to expand our coverage of the computing history and retro scene.


We’re the online magazine that aims to cover retro computing, history of computing, retro/indie retro gaming and allied subjects. Our primary focus is not specifically on games, because there are other online publications which already do a fantastic job in that field, but we do cover games to some extent because that’s as big a theme in retro computing today as it was back in the day.

Since we’re based in England, we naturally have a UK focus, but we have an international outlook too, and are always watching for interesting news from around the globe. World-wide readers are equally welcome, of course!


We’re keen to help publicise and cover relevant events, happenings and exhibitions, plus product news and launches, and we feature places of interest such as museums,  as well as highlighting anniversaries and personalities. Also relevant technology, hardware, software, media or literature including science fiction, science and robotics. In fact, anything of potential interest to our readers.


We’re also now looking to preview and review relevant retro-themed computing and gaming hardware and books, so if you’re a manufacturer, publisher or author looking to raise the profile of your work, do get in touch!


To widen our coverage, especially internationally, we also relay a whole load of additional info, especially international, through our linked Twitter and Facebook feeds – some of which might not reach these pages!


If you’ve any news, or would like to contribute a feature (regrettably, we can’t pay, but will give full credit and a byline) we welcome contacts, press releases and good quality photos.

Please contact me, the Editor & Publisher, Stuart Williams, by email via:

I hope you’re enjoying what we’re doing now, and will stick with us for the future as we move onward and upward.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Stuart Williams

Retro Computing News, Walsall, England

23 May, 2015


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Retro Computing News is trying to build up our social media and community side, away from these pages, to make things more interactive for our readers.  So, we’d love you to link up with us on Facebook or Twitter!

We’re always glad to hear from our readers and followers, especially if you’ve got any news you think we ought to be reporting on, no matter how small!  Social media allows us to monitor and respond in a more interactive way than email, too.

What’s more, our Twitter feed and Facebook page are linked, which means that we can directly relay news and interesting info – some of which might not reach the pages of this magazine – that we follow from many sources globally on a daily, or sometimes even hourly, basis.

So, there are loads of things linked to on our social media output that you might not see here, from sources which you may not yet know about! One of the great additional benefits of joining the RCN community through social media is easy access to this flow of information.

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