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Retro Computing News is trying to build up our social media and community side, away from these pages, to make things more interactive for our readers.  So, we’d love you to link up with us on Facebook or Twitter!

We’re always glad to hear from our readers and followers, especially if you’ve got any news you think we ought to be reporting on, no matter how small!  Social media allows us to monitor and respond in a more interactive way than email, too.

What’s more, our Twitter feed and Facebook page are linked, which means that we can directly relay news and interesting info – some of which might not reach the pages of this magazine – that we follow from many sources globally on a daily, or sometimes even hourly, basis.

So, there are loads of things linked to on our social media output that you might not see here, from sources which you may not yet know about! One of the great additional benefits of joining the RCN community through social media is easy access to this flow of information.

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