A blast from the past for International Amiga Day!

This Sunday sees the celebration of International Amiga Day, traditionally marking the birthday of the ‘father of the Amiga’, the late Jay Miner.

Retro Computing News will also be joining in the celebration on the day, by publishing a very special early interview with Jay Miner, first published in the June 1988 issue of Amiga User International magazine, here in the UK.

Jay Miner and his dog, Mitchy
Jay Miner and his dog, Mitchy

In this AUI exclusive, no-holds-barred interview, Jay told how the Amiga came into being, and had some very tough things to say about how it nearly never happened.  He also predicted what he thought might come next.

Our editor and publisher, Stuart Williams, is proud to be a former regular contributor to AUI ‘back in the day’, and is pleased to be able to re-publish this interview from the pages of AUI, both in tribute to Jay Miner and to the much-missed Amiga User International in this 30th anniversary year of the launch of the Amiga A1000.

Stuart is also launching a personal blog, ‘AMIGA meditations’, showcasing his work for AUI on Sunday, and this will be announced in Retro Computing News on the day.

Watch this space!