Take on the Overlord at ROUGOL in June

Overlord game screen shot (pic Amcog)
Overlord game screen shot (pic Amcog)

The RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) has announced details of its next meeting, which is set to take place on Monday 15th June.

The focus of the meeting will be a special presentation about the new RISC OS game, Overlord, which will be given by Anthony Bartram of Amcog Games

Overlord was released at the Wakefield Acorn & RISC OS Show in April.  It is now available through PlingStore, the online store for RISC OS applications.

The game is a 3D space shoot-em-up featuring 47 minutes of original music, including seven in game themes, original sound effects and graphics.

Released by Amcog Games, the author Anthony Bartram will tell ROUGOL members and visitors about the game design and the production of the graphics and music. He will also show key elements of the game code, the source of which is provided.

The meeting venue is upstairs in the Spice Lounge restaurant at the Blue Eyed Maid public house, 173 Borough High St, SE1 1HR.The meeting begins at 7:45pm (although lots of ROUGOL members are usually there – eating curry – from about 6pm!)  More meetings may be found here: ROUGOL Meetings 

There will be plenty of time to play the game. Can you defeat the Overlord?


ROUGOL is a not-for-profit organisation consisting of RISC OS users in London and the south-east. Their aim is to bring those users together. There is no membership fee and entry to all meetings is free. To find out more, email them. or check out their website linked below.


Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month. Most meetings feature a guest speaker, demonstrating the latest hardware or software, giving tutorials of software both new and old, or simply to kick off discussions on the current hot topic. Entrance is free, so why not come along and say hello?


The next RISC OS London Show is on Saturday 24th October 2015. Visit the show website for more information.

For more about ROUGOL, check out their website: ROUGOL