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Amiga 30 UK calling!

Amiga 30 UK banner

The main British event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the launch of the legendary Commodore Amiga computer, Amiga 30 UK, is now more accessible than ever to Amiga fans at just £10 for basic admission – and organisers are also now putting a call out to Amiga user groups with another special offer,  a massive group discount!

The event, which is all set to take place at the Peterborough Marriott Hotel on Sunday 2nd August, 2015 and supports BBC Children in Need, has been organised by Amiga enthusiast Steve Crietzman, with the help of David Pleasance, the last Managing Director of Commodore UK, plus graphic artist Paul Kitching (the event’s Multimedia Director), fellow enthusiast and collector Angelo Bod, Rich Spowart (an active demoscener, as is Angelo), and Darren Glenn, webmaster of


There will be talks, Amigas and more during the afternoon, but the  focus event at Amiga 30 UK is a three-course VIP Charity Banquet Dinner in the evening.

Overall, the full event and dinner runs from 12 noon to 8.30pm, with options for those wishing to attend during the day only, as well as a special VIP ticket including an additional, exclusive meal on the Saturday night (see below).


Amiga 30 UK stars the following Commodore Amiga connected people:

And there are, apparently, several additional mystery guests lining up…

David Pleasance sends this encouraging message to Amiga fans:

Click to enlarge

There are a number of tickets and special options still available for Amiga fans to snap up, from the basic ticket option at a tenner covering access opening till 6pm, right through the standard Banquet Ticket at £17.50 and on up to the £90 Saturday Night VIP Package offering an exclusive dining out with the Amiga VIPs!


A very special ‘United Amigans Package’ in honour of Amiga user groups.  This includes:

10 x Entrance Tickets (for your group members), worth £175.
10 x Copies of Amiga Forever Plus Edition, worth £200.
1 x FREE, exclusive, half-day use of a Conference Room – worth £75.

Total value £450, price to user groups just £175 – a massive saving of 62%.


Full details of the event, guests, hotel, tickets and booking can be found on the Amiga 30 UK website as well as via organiser Steve Crietzman on Facebook:

Why not also check it out on Twitter? See

And you can download this handbill in a larger size by clicking on the image:

Amiga 30 UK handbill

Don’t leave it too late – the clock is ticking!

Retro Computing News thinks this event is a fantastic idea, and wishes Amiga 30 UK every success  – and a great Amiga day!