TNMOC to deploy Impero classroom monitoring

In the classroom at TNMOC (pic courtesy TNMOC)
In the classroom at TNMOC (pic courtesy TNMOC)

Students and teachers on the Learning Programme in the Classroom at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) on Bletchley Park, England, will soon be able to have first-hand experience of digital network monitoring software donated by the UK’s leading classroom and network management software provider, Impero Software.

The donation of Impero Education Pro licenses will enable the Learning Programme tutors to streamline the process and ensure that students are focused on the tasks they are set. The software will also help turn laptops on one side of the classroom into the functional equivalents of 1980s BBC Micro computers.

Welcoming the donation, Tim Reynolds, Chairman of TNMOC, said: “Impero’s education software clearly demonstrates how far IT in education has come in just a few decades. Our ever-popular BBC Micro workstations help students focus on the tasks they have been set. The modern laptops we also use don’t enable the same focus because they are connected to the internet. Impero’s software allows us to limit the laptops to whatever applications we choose.

“As part of our highly successful Learning Programme we are very pleased to be able to introduce teachers and students alike to the potential of classroom monitoring software and demonstrate computing past and present in a dramatic way.”

Sam Pemberton, CEO of Impero of Software, said: “We are delighted to partner with The National Museum of Computing and provide software licences for the Learning Programme classroom. Our classroom and network management software will enable students and teachers who visit the museum to have a more productive and safe online experience.

“Giving students the opportunity to work on 1980’s BBC Micros is a unique experience that will help them understand how far personal computing has come in the last 30 years.” Continue reading TNMOC to deploy Impero classroom monitoring


New film being made for Sinclair Spectrum fans

Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict banner

Filming is under way for a new documentary,  Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict, a full length feature film (120-180 minutes, est.) which is aiming to take a detailed look at the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, its history, its developers, its games and its fans.

The movie, helmed by author, teacher and filmmaker Andy Remic, has been crowdfunded via a KickStarter campaign, and Mr Remic says:

“It will be a unique tribute to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and have dramatic re-enactments, interviews with industry figures and people who grew up influenced by the Spectrum.”

Andy Remic - author, teacher and filmmaker
Andy Remic – author, teacher and filmmaker (pic Andy Remic)

Andy, who is from Lincoln, England, and is also a published fantasy and science fiction novelist, goes on:

“I’m making the film because, as one friend said, I am “a nerd” and an unashamed fanboy of the Speccy. It’s a not-for-profit film, and I’m making it with lots of love.”

Andy told Retro Computing News that he currently has such industry notables as Jon Ritman, Steve Wetherill, Jas Austin, Oliver Frey, Roger Kean, Simon Butler, Ben Daglish, Mev Dinc and John Romero signed up for the project, with the list growing daily!


Anyone interested in the project can view a trailer for the film at:


Some early production stills are now online, and can be viewed via this link: Stills

For more info about the project and Andy Remic, check out

REVIVAL’s Winter gaming event will warm you up!

Revival banner
Revival banner from the big 2014 event

Retro gamers and retro computer fans in the UK looking for one last fix before Santa calls have an important event to look forward to this year – the REVIVAL Winter Warmer 2015!

This new event, over the weekend 28-29 November,  marks the long-awaited return of Britain’s best dedicated retrogaming event to the Midlands, and as the name suggests, is expected to be a precursor to the organisers’ return to full scale in 2016!

The Winter Warmer, although it will be on a smaller scale than the show we covered back in August last year, will still be packed with plenty of the usual REVIVAL flavour with, according to the organisers:

“…over sixty consoles and computers, multiplayer gaming, on-stage competitions, the best in retro-related traders, well-priced food and alcohol and best of all for this smaller event, we are still cramming over 45 arcade and pinball machines into the event space to ensure our unrivalled ‘arcade ambience’ atmosphere!”

The Winter Warmer will be at a new venue, Brookfields Leisure Centre, Wolverhampton, WV10 7LZ, and tickets are booking now:

Becky and Craig turner get retro
Becky and Craig turner get retro

Ever-enthusiastic REVIVAL head honcho Craig Turner of Turnarcade fame, goes on:

“The success of this show will determine what we bring to 2016, so be sure to come along if you’ve never been before or if you’re a show regular, squeeze in this one last date to see out 2015 and support the full-scale return of the UK’s best dedicated independent retro-gaming event! Tickets are on sale now and already half sold, so with just 6 weeks to go, grab yours NOW to avoid disappointment!”


You can download a poster in jpg format by clicking on the smaller image below.

Revival Winter Warmer poster

Event coverage

Retro Computing News is aiming to cover the Winter Warmer on the Sunday, as our editor Stuart Williams is committed to attending a horror anthology book launch in nearby Walsall on the Saturday, because he has a story in it! Hope to see you there!

Further info

October Half Term at the Centre for Computing History

Half-term is bound to be fun at the Centre for Computing History!
Half-term is bound to be fun at the Centre for Computing History! (pic CCH)

The Centre for Computing History are delighted to announce that they will be open every day for the duration of October Half Term (24th October – 1st November) 2015.

As well as their usual exhibits, the Cambridge-based museum are also running a fantastic range of educational workshops over this period, as follows – click on the headings for full details and booking on the museum’s website:

Electronics Lab: Build a Message Wand

26 October 2015, 11am

Game On: The Guided Tour!

26 October 2015, 2pm

Big Trak Challenge

27 October 2015, 11am

Build Your Own Adventure Game

27 October 2015, 2pm

Learn to Code

28 October 2015, 10.30am


Power Play!

28 October 2015, 2pm


Bug Your Bedroom

29 October 2015, 11am


Power Play!

29 October 2015, 2pm

Scratch and Pi

30 October 2015, 11am


Power Play!

30 October 2015, 2pm


If you have any queries, you can get in touch with the Centre for Computing History at, by phone on 01223 214446 or via their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages (click icons below).

The Centre’s website is:

And their address is:

Centre for Computing History
Rene Court
Coldhams Road

Facebook Twitter Google Plus


Rebooting RCN…

Asleep at the computer

Some of our readers will have been wondering why Retro Computing News has been so quiet over the past few months. Well, I want to apologise sincerely for this.

The fact is, I have been ill. I won’t go  too much into the details, but because of this illness, I have been extremely tired most of the time, sometimes falling asleep at my desk or in meetings, and once coming close to collapse.  Advised to rest, I’ve had to put a hold on active working on RCN for most of the past few months, apart from occasional forays into social media via my smartphone.

There is now a light at the end of the tunnel, however.  I have recently been taking a course of injections to try and get me back into action, and these seem to be having some effect at long last, so I am hopeful, but I expect to be taking them indefinitely.

In any case, although things are still a bit of a struggle for me, over the next few months I am going to try to get RCN and my blog Amiga Meditations rebooted and back in action, so I hope you will stick with me.  You’ll start seeing changes and new posts this week.

Thanks for your patience, and again, apologies.

Watch this space!

Stuart Williams

Editor and Publisher