Booting Up 2016 Featured 2

Booting Up 2016

Booting Up 2016

I thought I’d just make a quick post to let all our readers know that I’ve been looking at how Retro Computing News (RCN) can move onward and upward now we’ve hit the first few days of 2016.

We are of course going to continue with the usual topical mix of news and features, but you’re also going to see some specific upgrades to our coverage:

Museum Micro-Scope – we’re going to do more in-depth features on museums and other places of interest to retro computing fans.  And we’ll get around to visiting as many UK establishments as we can in 2016! Look for a first quarter feature on the Retro Computer Museum in Leicester to begin with, all being well.

NewsBytes – short snippets of timely news as we come across them. This is already supported by our Facebook and Twitter feeds, but we’ll be on the look out for more news in brief that won’t take so long to hit the pages of RCN. NewsBytes will also include more coverage of interest to gamers!

Retro Rewind – features on past hardware including computers and accessories.

Comms Capers – a look back at the ‘good old days’ of communications before public access to the internet, including Bulletin Boards and Prestel – plus a look forward to where you can still find BBS’s online today.

Retro-Active Reviews – we’re keen to review new hardware, software and books which are relevant to retro computing. So if you’re a company, publisher, indie developer or author looking to get the word out, we may be able to help you!

Random Access Memories – were going to be looking for individual people’s memories of their computing past from back in the day.

END OF LINE – editorial pieces where we come across something interesting, evocative, memorable, exciting or controversial – or news about where we’re going with RCN.

All of this is going to take time to kick in, so please be patient as we boot up 2016!

Stuart Williams