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Amiga engineer Dave Needle passes away

Dave Needle (pic courtesy R.J. Mical)

Dave Needle (left) and R.J. Mical with the Atari Lynx c.1989 (pic courtesy R.J. Mical)

One of the engineers most closely associated with the creation of the Amiga computer, launched in July 1985, has passed away.

Along with Jay Miner, Dave Needle was instrumental in the completion of the Lorraine project (eventually known as the Amiga 1000).

He was one of the main engineers of the custom chips of the Amiga computer while working at Amiga Corporation, which later became part of Commodore International.

The Amiga 1000 (pic Wikipedia)

Later, Mr Needle co-invented the Atari Lynx and the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer after being reunited with fellow Amiga Corporation engineer R. J. Mical at Epyx.

Dave Needle passed away peacefully on the evening of Friday 19 February, 2016.

Retro Computing News would like to offer our sincere condolences to Mr Needle’s family, friends and colleagues on this sad occasion. He will not be forgotten.