SInclair ZX Spectrum Vega and ZX Spectrum 48k

Retro Computers Limited officers resign

The Vega, fresh from its nostagically-styled box
The Vega, fresh from its nostagically-styled box

Shock news has reached Retro Computing News tonight as we hear that two of the prime movers in UK company Retro Computers Limited have resigned, leaving the company’s future  uncertain.

Managing Director Paul Andrews and Chief Technical Officer Chris Smith have left the company, leaving Sir Clive Sinclair and Dr David Levy the sole remaining members of the original management team. Mr Andrews and Mr Smith resigned on 8 April 2016.

We understand that Mr Andrews’ company has sent an email to everyone that has licensed games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega console, which we reviewed in February. In this email the company states, we hear,  that it will no longer be managing game licensing royalties, and that from now on Retro Computers Limited will manage them directly.

Dr Levy is apparently now solely responsible for everything related to the Vega console, including royalty payments to game authors (or donations to charity).

The company website has already been updated to reflect the changes in management, and details of the firm registered at Companies House show a change of address from the company’s original Luton addresss to 34 Courthope Road, London, England, NW3 2LD – the correspondence address of Dr David Levy.

Mr Andrews and Mr Smith also no longer feature on the company’s Indiegogo campaign pages.

No further information is available as yet, but we have our ears to the ground on this one and will report back as soon as we know more.