Spectrum Next concept rendering by Rick Dickinson

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next board demonstrated

Spectrum Next concept rendered in white
Spectrum Next concept rendered in white

Following our previous post about the announcement of a new, modern technology Sinclair Spectrum retro computer, the ZX Spectrum Next, by UK company SpecNext Ltd, the designer of the Next’s electronics, Mr Victor Trucco, has posted a video demonstration of the Next’s prototype electronics, showing the majority of the commercial board’s proposed features.

The video is narrated by Mr Trucco in Portuguese and subtitled in English.

We thought you’d be keen to see this as an update, and so are we, so here it is!

We now also have confirmation that HDMI output will be via a Raspberry Pi Zero built into the case.

For full details of the new computer, check out our original post here:  Sinclair Spectrum – the Next generation!