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REVIVAL Solstice 2016 retro event almost here!

Revival Solstice 2016 Floor Plan - click to enlarge
Revival Solstice 2016 Floor Plan – click to enlarge

Veteran retro gaming/arcade event organisers, Revival Retro Events, are almost ready to take the scene by storm once again, with REVIVAL Solstice 2016  due to take place over the weekend of 30-31 July at a completely new venue for the show, the Banks’s Stadium (previously known as Bescot Stadium) – the home of Walsall Football Club in the West Midlands!

After the event’s successful, albeit somewhat smaller, comeback event Winter Warmer 2015, last November, and previous big event successes, REVIVAL once again returns to large scale this summer with the aptly titled REVIVAL Solstice 2016.

New show plan
Arcade days all over again at REVIVAL 2014!
Arcade days all over again at REVIVAL 2014!

This new event marks the start of a new show plan for future REVIVAL events organised by the RRE team, headed up by Craig Turner, and brings back all the attractions of their previous fun-packed summer exhibitions.

This year’s event features already include:

  • Over 100 playable retro consoles and computers
  • Over 50 classic video arcade machines and pinball machines
  • On-stage competitions and prizes
  • A larger selection of traders offering various retro collectables
  • The return of the guest talks panels and new gamer’s theatre
  • Reasonably priced, fully licensed bar and gamer’s snack bar serving hot and cold food
  • New large summer venue for up to 1000 visitors per day
  • Easy transport access from M6 J9 and J10 and the Bescot Stadium railway station between Birmingham and Walsall.
  • Choice of nearby hotels with direct rail and bus links to the venue

The hunt is on for that retro holy grail at REVIVAL 2014...
The hunt is on for that retro holy grail at REVIVAL 2014…
Arcade antics

One huge pull for REVIVAL Solstice 2016 is those beauties of the golden age many of us first cut our gaming teeth on – the arcade machines! Here is a quick list of confirmed machines that have been pledged to the event from private collectors, with more to come!

  • Gorf
  • Area 51
  • Ridge Racer
  • Golden Axe
  • OutRun
  • Phoenix
  • Fix It Felix
  • Turbo OutRun
  • Neo-Geo
  • Killer Instinct
  • Space Firebird
  • Donkey Kong
  • Final Fight
  • Space Launcher
  • Puzzle Bobble
  • Gyruss
  • X-Men
  • Sheriff
  • Hang On
  • Qix
  • Hyper Street Fighter 2
  • Racing Hero
  • DoDonPachi
  • OutRun 2
  • Nintendo ‘Red Tent’ Vs. System
  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike
  • The Simpsons
  • Atari Video Pinball
  • Centipede
  • Sega Rally
  • Terra Cresta

Plenty of favourites there, and there’ll be plenty of multigame machines to find those obscure and hidden gems you’d long forgotten!

Event page

The organisers have set up an event page via their  Facebook page and e-tickets are on sale directly from their ticket merchant here:…/view-event/…/47596/chk/069b

Tickets are priced at £12 per day/£20 for a weekend for adults, and concessional tickets at £6 per day/£10 for a weekend for children (12 or under), disabled users and their assistants.

And there’s more

Head honcho of REVIVAL, Craig Turner of Turnarcades, said:

“Thanks to the popularity and support shown by the attendees and contributors of our warm-up event, the team are once again in a position to bring back all the popular features of our previous full scale events as we always wanted to.

“This means that more contributors will be involved to bring you more playable systems, more games, more arcades, more pinball, more unique show experiences, new guests, more competitions, more traders, more stuff to buy and more prizes!

“This new event is intended to be complemented by a new size Winter event called ‘Equinox’, so be sure you join us this Summer and enjoy that excellent REVIVAL atmosphere to make sure it can happen!”

If anyone is interested in making any pledges, getting involved (the event is mostly volunteer-supported), or are interesting in sponsoring or having a trade spot at the event, you are invited to message the organisers through Facebook, or e-mail Craig Turner direct at or via

More info

Full event information is posted on the official website at and key information is also posted on the organisers’ Facebook page.

For more about the venue, check out their website.

Sponsoring the show

Retro Computing News is proud to be one of the official sponsors of REVIVAL Solstice 2016, providing a competition prize of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 home computer! We’ll also be covering the event and you may find our editor Stuart Williams, who will be representing Retro Computing News, on our table there.

RCN Sponsors


We’ll be be issuing more announcements before the event, including more about special industry guests, but to catch up on the latest, check out posts on the special event Facebook page: