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Welcome to Retro Computing News, the online news magazine covering retro computing, history of computing, retro/indie retro gaming and allied subjects.

We’re keen to cover events, happenings and exhibitions, places of interest such as museums, anniversaries and personalities, particularly, though not exclusively, with a UK focus.

Also relevant technology, hardware, software, media or literature including science fiction, science and robotics. In fact, anything of potential interest to our readers.

Radio Shack/Tandy TRS-80 Model 1
Radio Shack/Tandy TRS-80 Model 1


You’ll find news, features and topical posts on this page and via the links in the left-hand column, also selected news and features are highlighted with pictures at the top of the front page and in asides under BITS & BYTES in the left-hand column.


We’re also looking to preview and review relevant retro-themed computing and gaming hardware and books, so if you’re a manufacturer, publisher or author looking to raise the profile of your work, do get in touch!

Cyber Speccy!
Cyber Speccy!


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If you’ve any news, or would like to contribute a feature (regrettably, we can’t pay, but will give full credit and a byline) we welcome contacts, press releases and good quality photos – please contact me, the Editor & Publisher, Stuart Williams, via:

The editor's first BBC Micro and Pace Nightingale modem during his days co-editing Atari ST zone '16/32' on Micronet 800
The editor’s first BBC Micro and Pace Nightingale modem during his days co-editing Atari ST zone ’16/32′ on Micronet 800


If you’ve a site with similar interests – including retro games – please do consider giving us a link and we’ll return the favour.

We’re primarily covering the United Kingdom but will certainly keep an eye on anything interesting overseas as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Stuart Williams

Retro Computing News, Walsall, England

19 June, 2015


computer history, retro gaming and computing today

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