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Retro Computing News to close

Sad Mac

Due to increasing personal health issues this year, and commitments as sole carer of my elderly, disabled mother, I have reluctantly decided to close Retro Computing News, effective immediately, as I no longer feel able to do it justice.

That doesn’t mean the site will disappear; it will remain online as a hopefully still useful, if outdated, retro resource. It will simply not be updated in future. The Facebook page will also remain.

I hope to continue writing on retro topics occasionally, and have a couple of other current writing commitments which I am aiming to complete before taking a long rest. Hopefully I will be able to do other things like this in future, but not for some time I think.

Thank you, dear readers and followers, for your interest over the years. Running this site has been a pleasure, and I have met many wonderful people as a result.


Stuart Williams

Editor & Publisher




Terminator bitmap image

Good news! We are pleased to announce that Retro Computing News (RCN) will be officially reactivated in January 2017 – and we’ll be ramping up our coverage over the next twelve months, so watch this space for some of our best work yet!

Editor and publisher Stuart Williams put the magazine site into effective hibernation earlier this year due to personal and family health issues and resulting time constraints, but now plans to kick-start RCN back into action after the festive apocalypse is over.

Stuart said “After a pretty rough year, I’m finally getting into a position to be able to devote the time that Retro Computing News deserves once more, and just as soon as I’ve loaded up the minigun with sprouts and terminated a turkey or two I’ll be back behind the controls again.

“Meanwhile, watch out for the odd festive missile or temporal displacement grenade being hurled out from behind the barricades. Not the least of which being, may I take this opportunity to wish all of our readers past, present – and of course, future – a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, or Happy Holidays if you’re on the other side of the pond!”

If you have any news you’d like us to cover or events to publicise, please get in touch via the Contact page or press releases, photos etc can be sent direct via:


Booting Up 2016

Booting Up 2016

I thought I’d just make a quick post to let all our readers know that I’ve been looking at how Retro Computing News (RCN) can move onward and upward now we’ve hit the first few days of 2016.

We are of course going to continue with the usual topical mix of news and features, but you’re also going to see some specific upgrades to our coverage:

Museum Micro-Scope – we’re going to do more in-depth features on museums and other places of interest to retro computing fans.  And we’ll get around to visiting as many UK establishments as we can in 2016! Look for a first quarter feature on the Retro Computer Museum in Leicester to begin with, all being well.

NewsBytes – short snippets of timely news as we come across them. This is already supported by our Facebook and Twitter feeds, but we’ll be on the look out for more news in brief that won’t take so long to hit the pages of RCN. NewsBytes will also include more coverage of interest to gamers!

Retro Rewind – features on past hardware including computers and accessories.

Comms Capers – a look back at the ‘good old days’ of communications before public access to the internet, including Bulletin Boards and Prestel – plus a look forward to where you can still find BBS’s online today.

Retro-Active Reviews – we’re keen to review new hardware, software and books which are relevant to retro computing. So if you’re a company, publisher, indie developer or author looking to get the word out, we may be able to help you!

Random Access Memories – were going to be looking for individual people’s memories of their computing past from back in the day.

END OF LINE – editorial pieces where we come across something interesting, evocative, memorable, exciting or controversial – or news about where we’re going with RCN.

All of this is going to take time to kick in, so please be patient as we boot up 2016!

Stuart Williams


Rebooting RCN…

Asleep at the computer

Some of our readers will have been wondering why Retro Computing News has been so quiet over the past few months. Well, I want to apologise sincerely for this.

The fact is, I have been ill. I won’t go  too much into the details, but because of this illness, I have been extremely tired most of the time, sometimes falling asleep at my desk or in meetings, and once coming close to collapse.  Advised to rest, I’ve had to put a hold on active working on RCN for most of the past few months, apart from occasional forays into social media via my smartphone.

There is now a light at the end of the tunnel, however.  I have recently been taking a course of injections to try and get me back into action, and these seem to be having some effect at long last, so I am hopeful, but I expect to be taking them indefinitely.

In any case, although things are still a bit of a struggle for me, over the next few months I am going to try to get RCN and my blog Amiga Meditations rebooted and back in action, so I hope you will stick with me.  You’ll start seeing changes and new posts this week.

Thanks for your patience, and again, apologies.

Watch this space!

Stuart Williams

Editor and Publisher


Digital Amiga News

I thought that now would be a good time to circulate some updated information on what we’re about at Retro Computing News, as we continue to expand our coverage of the computing history and retro scene.


We’re the online magazine that aims to cover retro computing, history of computing, retro/indie retro gaming and allied subjects. Our primary focus is not specifically on games, because there are other online publications which already do a fantastic job in that field, but we do cover games to some extent because that’s as big a theme in retro computing today as it was back in the day.

Since we’re based in England, we naturally have a UK focus, but we have an international outlook too, and are always watching for interesting news from around the globe. World-wide readers are equally welcome, of course!


We’re keen to help publicise and cover relevant events, happenings and exhibitions, plus product news and launches, and we feature places of interest such as museums,  as well as highlighting anniversaries and personalities. Also relevant technology, hardware, software, media or literature including science fiction, science and robotics. In fact, anything of potential interest to our readers.


We’re also now looking to preview and review relevant retro-themed computing and gaming hardware and books, so if you’re a manufacturer, publisher or author looking to raise the profile of your work, do get in touch!


To widen our coverage, especially internationally, we also relay a whole load of additional info, especially international, through our linked Twitter and Facebook feeds – some of which might not reach these pages!


If you’ve any news, or would like to contribute a feature (regrettably, we can’t pay, but will give full credit and a byline) we welcome contacts, press releases and good quality photos.

Please contact me, the Editor & Publisher, Stuart Williams, by email via:

I hope you’re enjoying what we’re doing now, and will stick with us for the future as we move onward and upward.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Stuart Williams

Retro Computing News, Walsall, England

23 May, 2015

Our Facebook page is moving!

Retro Computing News new Facebook page

RETRO COMPUTING NEWS is moving – to a new Facebook page!

The new page has been named ‘Retro Computing News’ alongside this renamed online magazine and Twitter feed.  It’s all part of our reboot.

A new page had to be set up because Facebook wouldn’t allow the renaming of the original page.

All future RETRO COMPUTING NEWS magazine posts, retweets via our Twitter feed and Shared posts from other relevant pages we follow on Facebook will be redirected to the new page, as of from now.  Of course you can still subscribe to our regular magazine posts via this website using the FOLLOW button on the right of this page.

Twitter and Facebook are also additional places where you are very welcome to interact with RETRO COMPUTING NEWS, apart from emailing us.  You can also communicate with our other readers and followers there – it’s all part of the community we like to encourage.

All our readers, present and future, are therefore invited to click on the following link and please Like the new page, as it’s part of the future of Retro Computing News. I know this will take time as not everyone will spot this right away.

If you’re not so much into Facebook, why not follow us on Twitter instead? See the column on the right for details and recent posts there.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Please see:

Stuart Williams

Editor & Publisher


Booting up…

Booting Up

As part of our ongoing reboot following the hiatus late last year, today we are changing the name of this magazine slightly – from the mouthful that was Retrocomputing News to the more byte-size Retro Computing News.  This might not seem much difference, but it allows us to work in in a slight change of emphasis while making the title a little easier to read.

The site’s masthead has been tweaked slightly to reflect a broadening of coverage which has become pretty much essential to enable us to increase the flow of news from now on, and to reflect topics of broader interest to retro and other computer enthusiasts.   This will also be seen in our Twitter and Facebook output.

Moving forward, we’re aiming to cover old-school home computing and collecting, computing history, retro gaming (now including classic consoles),  and more broadly, computer languages, programming (coding!), classic software and abandonware, emulation hardware and software (especially the popular Raspberry Pi, direct descendant of and spiritual heir to the BBC Micro), literary/tv/movie science fiction, events – and of course one of our top priorities, supporting computer museums in the UK and beyond.

RCN Header Revised

As our new subheading says – ‘computer history, gaming and computing today’!

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