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The strangest Amiga?

Amiga Mind Walker - from Amiga University

We’ve seen images of the Amiga ‘Mind Walker’ computer floating about the web for some years, but what is the story of this powerful, strange-looking beast which was not only not made by Commodore, but never went into production?

Find out, courtesy of Amiga Old Skooler in his post for the Retro Game Team:

An Amiga that never saw the light of day


Get your teeth into retro games and stargazing as Summer Bytes at TNMOC!

Space Invaders courtesy of TNMOC

Britain’s National Museum of Computing is all set to prove that computer history is fun this Bank Holiday weekend – with a double whammy of retro gaming excitement, daylight stargazing – and more!

The Bletchley Park based charity, which houses and preserves an internationally important collection of historic computers and exhibits dating back to the Second World War, when Bletchley Park (near Milton Keynes) was the top-secret headquarters of Britain’s codebreakers and computer scientists, have been running their daily series of Summer Bytes events and activities since 26 July – but there’s still time to join in the fun before the conclusion of the programme on 2 September.

Summer Bytes courtesy TNMOC

Computer games weekend

Every day, Summer Bytes is packed with a wide range of activities, but on Saturday 23 August the fun really moves to the next level with a Computer Games Weekend, offering the chance to play retro games as well as  the opportunity to meet professional games makers! Continue reading Get your teeth into retro games and stargazing as Summer Bytes at TNMOC!