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Welcome to Retrocomputing News!


Welcome to Retrocomputing News, the new online news magazine covering retrocomputing, history of computing and allied subjects, including retro gaming, events and exhibitions, places of interest such as museums, and relevant technology or literature including science fiction, science and robotics.

It’s very early days yet and it will take us time to build up a body of work here – the design of the magazine and its contents will be evolving rapidly, so please do keep coming back to find out how we’re getting on, and tell your friends!

We are not a dedicated gaming and games reviews magazine, there are plenty of excellent magazines and blogs out there that cover that specific scene extremely well.  We aim for a more general coverage than that, and will publish primarily news and features. rather than reviews and games hints. But we will cover games news!

If you’ve a site with similar interests – including retro games – please do consider giving us a link and we’ll return the favour.

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