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Cambridge computing history lecture next week

Dr Andrew Herbert (pic Wolfson College)
Dr Andrew Herbert (pic Wolfson College)

The latest talk in the Wolfson @ 50: Fiftieth Anniversary Lecture Series at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, England is set to take place next Wednesday, 17 June 2015.

The distinguished lecturer, Dr Andrew Herbert, Emeritus Fellow of the College, will be speaking in Lee Hall, Wolfson College, on the fascinating topic ’50 years of Computing – A Cambridge Perspective’, between 18:0018:50.

When Wolfson was founded, computers were large, expensive machines only used by a privileged few. In this the College’s 50th anniversary year we are surrounded by computers, most of which are seen as essential, everyday consumer items. Dr Herbert will tell the story of how Cambridge has contributed to the evolution of the computer from the mainframe to the cloud and offer a view on what the next 50 years might hold.

To take his audience back to 1965, Dr Herbert hopes to be able to demonstrate a working Elliott minicomputer from the mid 1960s – the kind of machine on which he first learned to program in 1970. The size of two chest freezers, weighing over 300kg and costing the equivalent of £200,000 at present day prices, the 903 has a tiny fraction of the memory and computing power of a modern Raspberry Pi computer.

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